Mountain Marathons


Mini-Mountain Marathons


2014 sees Dark & White involved in the organisation of a series of three UK wild country based Rab mini-mountain marathon events - these are 4 hour events aimed at testing competitors fell/mountain running legs and brains. Each entrant is supplied at the start with a waterproof bagged colour map over-printed with all the required event information.

The aim of these events is to navigate your way between a series of checkpoints and collect as many points as you can in the specified time period. Armed with your map (and your brain!) it is up to you to decide the optimum route based on your fitness/ability. Each checkpoint has a score, and generally the ones which are further away and more difficult to get to are worth more points. SPORTident timing is used.

If you take longer than the allotted time you are penalised some of your hard earned points. Those taking part can either enter as a solo or as a pair in various age categories; a wide range of abilities always take part.
These events are run under the rules and regulations of the Fell Runners Association.



Forthcoming Mountain Marathon events

There are currently no Mountain Marathon events on record